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wii sports help

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using 4311 x64
after choosing golf, then picking what round you want the screen goes black, and thats it.
same with boxing
baseball is very weird, looks like your wearing night vision goggles.
tennis is like a chess board, one square has video, the next doesn't
bowling is ok, but has some video issues.
is this normal or am i missing a setting?
its set to directx9
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OpenGL fixes a lot of those issues. Golf and boxing seem to hang on both plugins
Try Enablinng Safe Texture Hack.
Dunno it may work or ultimate jet cache
i just downloaded Dolphin JITIL x64 Revision 4247 and with the open gl plugin it seems to all be fixed. problem is my sister and her daughters still have my wii and wiimotes so i cant actually play the thing. its showing 30fps in game, is this any good for actually playing? if i get no response i'm getting a remote back friday to test it so i'll post to say if its playable
getting a decent 45fps ingame
8x msaa
8x AF

has a black bar at bottom though
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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