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Hi all - I don't have a GC controller or a Wii classic controller. All I have is a Gravis GamePad Pro and an Adaptoid with a N64 controller.

When I try to configure the Wii Remote Plugin Config, I select Classic Controller, hit button mapping, and try to configure my Gravis controller but nothing is recognized. When I select Adaptoid, the emulator crashes. Both controllers work fine in Project64 for N64 games.

Anyone had any luck with these kinds of controllers? I tried the Sideways D-Pad option and no luck.

(Also, I need to use the Wiimote input method b/c Pad is not supported on FF4 After Years. It's a real bummer too because n-Joy plugin seems to recognize my Adaptoid no problem, though it too does not recognize my Gravis controller.)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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