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I just want to let any of you Odin Sphere fans know that Oboro Muramasa runs BEAUITULLY on Dolphin, i've tested the Japanese version and am happy to inform that it looks stunning with anistropic and antialiasing on, i lose about 10fps but its worth it. It looks so much better than it does on the wii, wayy better.

Anyway onto the settings,
just keep everything checked, rememebr to not check idle skipping and audio throttle and you should be good to go.
If the audio crackles, turn off music in the sound plugin options.

My specs are :
pentium 4 dual processors 3ghz
1gb ram
bfg 256mb 7800 (lol)

im upgrading the ram and card next week, so muramasa and other games should run even better.

so far i get about 30 - 40 FPS on it, continous, but will hit quite a lag spike at the big fights.

Anyway, let me know what FPS you guys are getting on this game?
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