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See if you can get this one: I used to play ff8 from a cd on espxe awhile ago.
I decided to start a new game but load it from an iso this time. All I get when I run the game is a black screen. So I pop in the cd and get the same thing. Wierd huh? So I went through everything else that could be wrong - cchecked my plugins, reinstalled forceaspi, ran logs, and it seemed like everything was perfect... except the game wouldn't start.

Then I got an idea, I ran the iso and while the black screen was hanging there I loaded a state from the last time I played. Next thing I know there's a cowboy lookin dude with a sniper rifle gettin ready to make an evil sorceress a holy sorceress.
^Yeah seriously that was terrible. And I wonder why nobody laughs at my jokes.

Anyways can anyone help? More than anything I'm just curious as to why it's doing this because once I load the state everything plays perfectly.
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