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wierd problems with my computer

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I don't know where to post this as it deals with both software and hardware.

Recently my computer has been randomly freezing up and sometimes I get the blue screen of death with Windows XP Profesional edition. While some other times it freezes up and the computer can not detect my hard drive at all. Its a fairly new computer only a year old, so it shouldn't be giving me these problems.

So I have restart the computer multiple times to fix the computer and sometimes I use the Windows XP Profesional Repair mode to fix the computer to redetect the hard drive again.

I don't know what's causing this problem. All help is really appreciated. Thank you everyone.
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It definatly sounds like you have a problem with your hard-drive what brand is it?, however it might also be some sort of virus they can have affects like this, try running virus scanner etc ( if you haven't already )
Check your memory it shows that kind of symptoms when it's defective.
Its a Maxtor.... A virus. :( I don't know which virus scanning progam to run.

The memory of the hard drive seems to be fine...
I think he meant your ram-memory...

Also you can try this virus scan it's free:
My ram seems to be fine... I'm trying the anti-virus program... I hope I find something. Thank you for posting that ChankastRules. :)
Your Ram might seem fine but it may have defective modules so i suggest you ask some one to lend you a stick for a day and so and then test your oc with it.
Could be your HDD dying as someone else pointed out when my comp started doing it with Winxp Pro, after numerous virus scans and switching memory, I came to a conclusion that my old 40GB Maxtor had finally given up the ghost but hey it was only 20$ bucks on ebay and it worked for ten months long enough to allow me to upgrade to a 60GB yay lol. anyway best of luck to you on figuring out your problem.
I think I figured out the problem... The computer wasn't getting enough air supply, so I cleaned the whole back of the computer and all the wires that came from the power supply. So far the computer is running back to normal...

Thank you guys for all the help. I'll keep you guys updated on the computer after a day or so to see if there is any problem.

Thank you guys for all the help, I really appreciated it. Thank you. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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