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wierd ff9 prob...

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ok, this is really wierd! I'm playing ff9 (duh!) and everything went really well. I'm at the desert palace and i did EVERYTHING according to the walkthus i found on the net. The prob is i can't manage to find the boss of the level. This might sound like a game type of prob but according to the walkthru, the boss is at that place... and there is nothing when i arrive at that place. I remembered that i had that prob too when i had an SNES emulator. So, is this a prob with the emulator?

PS: For those who don'T understand where i am, i've made a screenshot
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if i remember u have to activate some stuff below and a glowing orb or something like that should appear below, so u might wanna try another walktroug
but im not sure, ive finished this game 4 an eternety
Go thru the entire palace again and be sure that you have lit all the candles! I had the same problem, until I realized I had missed some candles which were hard to see...
I had that same problem... There is a place that looks like a wall in the library, but it actually is not.. continue untill you meet stelzin and light some more candles...

Errr.. or if you already have done that, read the book or take the orb (whatever was at the top of thoes staris) and next platform down should glow... stand on it and press some buttons..
otherwise, just go to Gamespot and download their guide. The 2nd time i plyed the game (the 1st i never use Walkthrus) it suited fine 4 me
Err, how are you playing with Vivi? I believe I was using Zidane when I went thru this, I think. I don't know. Anyways, I got through it. You just have to light up all the right candles and then there should be a glowing thing where you are standing in the screenshot.
Ok, it's been a while since I did this part so I don't remember if this is right or not, and this post is old enough you might have figured this out for yourself, but:

In your screenshot, Vivi is standing right in front of an unlit set of candles. I think the boss attacks when you try to light them.
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man, i actually think ure right!!!!!

*neojag laughs out loud

er, sorry, got a little carried away ;)
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