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Wierd CPU temp values on my p43.0 HT

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I seem to be cursed or something. Theres allways something wrong with my computer :s

Anyway i was in the bios changing some settings when i noticed that CPU temp was at 70ºC. Then i booted up sandra and it showed up that i had 2 CPUs (?!? is it becouse of the HT technology?) but it didnt dectect my temp. Then i downloaded speedfan and i got this :S

Am I screwed or is this just showing invalid CPU temps becouse of all this 2 CPUs deal?
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Prescotts are known to become very hot, and the MOSFETS around them too because they have to draw so much power for the CPU (Socket 478). It is normal that your computer detects 2 CPU's, because that's just the computer telling you that you have Hyperthreading and it is enabled. I would try and get a better HSF for your CPU to try and help keep the temps down, and use AS5.
Sorry for the ignorence but HSF?

and does AS5 mean Artic Silver 5? Couse i cant find that brand here. I just tried cleaning averything for dust and stuff and used Silver Grease brand for the thermal paste. Its now idling at 60/65 but when i rar something it goes to 70/75. so didnt help much
Yeah, HSF = heatsink and fan.
AS5 = Artic Silver 5
how would you say the airflow is in your case?
Well i have one backside chasis fan but it isnt very great. Will running at 60/70º C be ruining my CPU? couse i dont have the cash to buy new coolers right now.
Not with a Prescott no. Intel knew about the heat issues and designed the CPU accordingly. How much thermal grease did you apply to your CPU? You should just put a SMALL (never use too much or too little) dab in the middle of the CPU, and clamp the HS on. It'll spread itself out from there.

It doesn't feel good, but your CPU at 70C isn't really going to hurt it.. not to mention the fact that temp sensors are equally stupid, and are not to be trusted. ;)

My P4 Northwood [email protected] (modest OC on a very modest mobo, heh) when P95ing for 15 min. or so, with a Jet 4 HS and Ceramique paste.
:eek: nice cooling. Well i might have puted too much paste. I kinda like played it safe since i didnt knew lol. I put one 2cm radius circle in the middle but also a line around the borders :S.
Wow, way too much man. Just put a bit on as shown in the pics.

Pic 1 is how much you should put on. Pic 2 is how it'll spread when you put the HSF on.

Should help out quite a bit. :)
Holy !#%p lolol. i didnt notice your reply. Thats like 1/10 of the ammount i used :O i'm gonna disasamble it right know. Do you think this can mess with the performance of the CPU?
Well, the P4 has clock throttling, so if it gets too hot it will clock itself down, so yes. :p

The mobo you have (same as mine) has ASRock/Asus's CPU overheating protection built in, and you probably have thermal throttling on in the bios to 60C or so.. try disabling thermal throttling (or raising throttling temperature, I recommend disabling it all together if your CPU isn't exactly overheating) aswell as reapplying the grease.

Now that I think about it, I'm sure that's what it is!
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