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Widescreen PC Games

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With almost all new laptops having widescreens and more and more PC monitors being made in widescreen, I thought we should make a thread stating which games support widescreen.

Three I know of:
Sims 2
Unreal Tournament 2004
Half-Life 2

Feel free to add any games you know of.
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Valcrist said:
I'm 19! The middle years...I hate living in florida...two freaking more years, thankfully I have friends :thumb:.
screw alcohol the last time i drank i honestly thought i was going to die (8 huge shots of everclear? anyone who was on IRC with me had a ball) and i was hung over for 2 days. never again ;)
widescreen... well the new pj64 does widescreen well for some games. As well in canada i thought it was only quebec that had the age limit for alchol down to 18. Im in ontario and it is definitely 19 hear. But hell you never woulda guessed it with all these crazy preteens-teens. Ah yes, nothing quite like the suburbs.
All of my PC and my emulator run PSX games look great on my LCD TFT 30 inch HD widescreen TV/monitor. Plus I have all my game consoles (GameCube with Gameboy Player, PS2, X-Box, and DreamCast) hooked up as well. The effect on the console games? Superb. Plus, both the X-Box and PS2 are using Component Video which only HD TVs/Monitors can do. I'm set.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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