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Widescreen PC Games

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With almost all new laptops having widescreens and more and more PC monitors being made in widescreen, I thought we should make a thread stating which games support widescreen.

Three I know of:
Sims 2
Unreal Tournament 2004
Half-Life 2

Feel free to add any games you know of.
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Hmmm well this is a good i8dea, but there is a dedicated forum to just this thing!

The Widescreen Gaming Forum is a great place to go. I have abeen a member for a whole year now. Great place with great people indeed ;)

I originally got interested because of my (then new) 52" Widescreen LCD TV, and like DA said, with all these laptops these days having widescreens (hopefully i'll get one soon) it's even more exciting! :thumb:
I know it's just to write down all this stuff and the amount of questions that go with "why do I need a hack for this?" And a few legal matters like needing exe cracks to enable widescreen in certain games could maybe be against the rules :p Just my $0.02 :heh:
Psshht! Do I?! Hell yea! Far Cry is one of my favorites :D That and Giants. But I kind of have a hard time getting internet in my living room, since my TV is too big to move :laugh:

It is truly an amazing experience!
Well when you can't even spend money to eat or buy beer you can't buy a wireless setup :p Plus I have to replace a PSU on my PC as well *sigh*
Haha, well that's not me :p That would be my dad :D
Actually in Canada that doesn't matter .... (j/k!) But seriously, I don't have any spending money. Sure I have money in my bank account but I can't spend a penny of it because of all my graduation fees. And that actually includes alcohol which the school permits :p
You replied just to say that? Bleh I haven't typed for a while, guess I got kind of sloppy.
It depends on the province. In Alberta where I live it's 18, which for me is in three months :D
1 - 8 of 23 Posts
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