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I understand why there are various video plugins, some use Glide some uses DirectX or OpenGl. Some videoboards use PCI bus and others AGP. If you add to that the number of graphic chips available it make sense to have several video plugins.
The same logic goes for the sound plugins: SoundBlaster and ... the others :)
Now, all the CDROMs are connected to an IDE controller that has a very strict and unique standard so could it be possible just to have 1 unique working and 100% reliable CDROM plugin?
Or is it a matter of " me too " plugin ?
Just curious.

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Well, there are different cdrom drives. Some are connected to IDE, some are SCSI, some people use DVD, and different manufacturers also make the difference. With different cdr plugins epsxe can run on more computers. For instance, TSG MSCDEX does not use ASPI drivers, and it is a lot more compatible with some drives.
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