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the "thing" with the languages concerning emulators is...
um i think i guess because i can´t tell 100% so jusrt some pro/cons for languages:
  1. ASM:
    + IF well coded , GOOD speed
    - maintaining code gets hard when code "grows" ( for me it starts even when the code is longer then 6 pages..:)
    - plattform bound
  2. C:
    + Speed "still" good
    - Data types are very unflexible... string[]....
    - when it comes to a certain point .. u have to use pointers... IF u know how to deal with them and never forget one...(do not point into nirvana!!) its fine
    (i remember i had to code a double interlinked List... it was a pain in the ass ArrayList or Vectors are sooo nice ^^)
    - still plattform bound, to a certain degree interoperable
  3. Basic:
    dunno anything about that but when i look at Visual Basic from MS... i feel this .. need to throw up ^^
  4. C++:
    + fast if good coded
    + OOP , when u can take advantage of it and not only know the 3 chars u can gain A LOT of it
    + since C++ is "newer" then C or asm or pure basic it has also nice Data Types... etc..
    - u have to do GC Yourself :/ ( this CAN be plus or minus, dont have too ^^)
    - still plattform bound, to a certain degree interoperable
  5. Java:
    + OOP
    + Mighty FRamework Container Classes , extensions.. etc..
    - tends to be slow, it got better but i think VM is still not THAT fast as u would like to have it for an Emulator
    +ok VM is makin Java slow BUT what u gain is: Interoperability guessing every maschine u test ur code a VM is installed u can run ur code on EVERY single of these maschines without modifying ur code o_O!
  6. C#:
    almost samething as in Java although the JIT tends to be a bit faster
    and of course MS VM isonly available for MS Systems(Mono put aside)
so far my *blabla* concerning "WHAT LANGUAGE FOR EMULATORS???"
wbr Shin Gouki
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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