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Why ME?!!!

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Help any one? Im using
ePSX 1.4
Lewpy's 3dfx/glide GPU 1.33
Pete's MIDAS Audio Driver 1.7
Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.5

Every time I start my Gran Turismo 2, after the Sony Entertaiment Presents and the Warning sign the game freezes. Is there somtin wrong with my computer? Im new to this.

Celeron 500mhz, 198mb SDRam, 42x Cd-rom, Voodoo 4 4500 PCI
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Originally posted by prafull
Is it allowed ? Multiple ids.
Hmm,beware of the administrators.

Btw,i think its allowed if you do it in different way.*(watch the coincidence thread).

being ontopic* gt2 works fine,if nothing makes your cd run either its protected or messed up.
I think that prob is solved,, just see at the date of the last post,

By the way, what are that two id thing?
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