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Why is Xeno sooo slow with music

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See my spec, I think the problem is that xeno is all 3d.
I use, pete OPENGL

and there's a little bug when you walk in the desert, hte dust clouds appear in black square
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Originally posted by Vince20100
See my spec, I think the problem is that xeno is all 3d.
I use, pete OPENGL

and there's a little bug when you walk in the desert, hte dust clouds appear in black square
Nope, that game should run fine in your computer. Can you give us some more detais, like the config of your plugins? That way we can try to help you...

[]s Badaro
pete opengl, with nice grafix. I aded filtering extended w/o sprite also.
I use epsxe SPU core for music, cause the sound is messy with other plug-ins, especialy xeno. Bios 7502
I'd noticed the same thing when I set up my brother with a Radeon...Try D3D, it gave him a speed boost (Not sure why).
It doesn't work, The intro plays with the speed it should and the music is fine, it's just when I enter the game. The music is slow on the world map, but in batles it's unplayable.
One more thing...due to the large amount of Disk access, you MAY want to use an ISO driver. Attached is an old ISO driver that for some reason PSXEmu has never posted on their site. It doesn't work with ePSXe/AdriPSX, but it DOES with FPSE (Odd). Give that a try...
Doesn't solve my problem, maybe i I had the game on my hd. How can I arrange so I can play directly on my hd?
hmmm, there's 2 small files on the xeno cd Slus_006.64 and System for a total of 303k how can i aces the hidden files. No, the show hidden files doesn't work
I tried pete's d3d with fast settings. The star-up screen is wayyyyyy to fast, but the world map has slow downs but the batlles are very slow. I could play without music, but I prefer with music. It's an important thing in RPGs
Similar Problems different GXF Chip

OK, Heres my problem.... As far as i can figure the problem lies somwhere in the part after 'This is how it begins' and the zoom into the village, All i get on ePSXe with Pete's OPENGL is a basically blank screen with what I think is some background lighting effects on the screen (fullscreen flashes red,orange etc..) and not the nice pan of the villagers running and a closeup of your first gear.... Unless, U have Full Vram Primitives which is just so sloow as to be not worth the effort. The D3D driver crashes my machine on the first screen. MY spces : PIII 450 128MB SBLive! 3dBlaster 32MB (GeForce1) with one step back from the latest detonator drivers. Plugins = either Internal SPU or PetesMIDAS, OpenGL with 4,4,4,4 640x480 16bit, enhanced w/o,No frameskipping, erm, Palettized,Gfx card buffer. and Pete ASPI on cdrom. Any ideas who to get this game to work. Oh about the signature, Aparrently '!' sounds like a guitar ploink in Broderbund's Kix Pix (THX whoever told me that) but I have played some more of Front Mission 3 and now I wanna know how to pronounce '!?' <G>:eyespin: :rockets:
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Vince - To play a game off the HD using that plugin, you MUST use CDR-Win. That plugin can only read .bin and .cue files. To download, go here . The demo version they have does not expire, and the only limitation is that if you actually WRITE the disc back to CD, it will be at 1x...Read is full spead.

Corsair - Yes, at that point in the game, you MUST use FVR. Unfortunate the D3D crashes, it was faster using FVR :(. However, there are VERY few places that FVR is needed in that game, so your two choices are 1. Enable it and watch in painfully-slow motion...2. Disable it and keep pressing 'X' until you can see again. Sorry I can't help more :(
Umm...sorry. I didn't mean to post that plugin here...this is the ePSXe board. It doesn't work with ePSXe, and if it did, it certainly wouldn't work better than the native support. Still, you may get better results using an image, just go to "Run ISO", you don't even need a CD plugin.

Wow, what was I smoking when I posted that HERE? :)
Try Lewpy's Glide Plugin. Pretty fast on my voodoo3. But has some flicker problem.

Next Pete's Soft. The Best. But, hey...wait a sec, Have you activated frame skipping ? It helps ya know.
Well ak37 Lewpy's Glide is for Glide only (surprise!) and Glide is 3dfx-only! So no nVidia/ATI/Matrox owner can use Lewpy's plugin. I must say that i was surprised how well Xeno played on VGS. I tried it 'coz Xeno is barely playable (sound, flickering...) on ePSXe.
I can play now. I tried different effects with d3d and i puted frame sikipping limit @
75. Now, sometime when you see a gear on a close view and there's an effect with it(like when graf gives power to someone, there's some color coming of is gear) the game becomes slow. It's hard to hear the sounds or music. It does that also when someone talk in a battle, I thinkthe emu as some problem to emulate the battle and the textbox in the same time.

Also, the music and sound is sometime messy. When you step on a memorycube, it does a strange sound. Or when you open doors. Some music don't have the proper sound also. I use epsxe sound plug-in cause the other one are worst. For the rest, I enjoy the power of epsxe and a good computer:D
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