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why doesn't ff9 work

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I need help!!! with ff9 Plz Respond

Can some one please help me with getting ff9 working. For some odd reason when ever i try to run it the screen goes black and stays that way. My computer is a Celeron 850mhz, 256mb of ram, tnt2 m64 and there more but i don't really no. if theres n e more info that i can provide u too help u find out whats wrong feel free to ask. I'm a HUGE final fantasy fan and i want to play this game sooooooo badly plz help. :) Argh
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um..... i think so. where would it say.
my version is pal i just noticed it on the cd
Thx... but one more question... how do u apply the patch and stuff. i got the programs (PPF-o-MATIC v 2.0 and Holigans ff9 uk patch pal) but i don't know how to apply them to the thing... the bios i think.
Thx 4 all u help ppl. I finally got it working. once again thx soooo much 4 all ur help
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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