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Why do you visit NGemu forums ?

  • Psx emulation needs.

    Votes: 8 6.8%
  • PCSX 2 news & stuff.

    Votes: 19 16.1%
  • Other emulation stuff.

    Votes: 17 14.4%
  • To have some fun.

    Votes: 29 24.6%
  • Emotional bond towards the forums.

    Votes: 45 38.1%

Why do you visit Ngemu forums ?

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After considering the fact that so many people visit these forums, I was wondering what brings them here ? Emulation needs ? Fun stuff ? curiosity or emotional attachment ?
Personally I think I am so much attached to the forums that I cant live without it. Tried leaving this place 3-4 times but only to come back again.
So what's your opinion ?

Note: There may be more than one option that you like but you have to select the best of them.
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It feels like I've been here longer than the join date on my profile says. I've seen all the changes that this site has gone through and even though I voted to have fun, I come here mostly because it does feel like home away from home which sounds kind of lame but it's true. :)

Oh and CKEmu's porn doesn't hurt :p
/me loves this place

I kinda have a feeling that in a few years from now, i'll still be visiting Emuforums. It has become a daily routine to visit this board (as well as others). I also have to moderate the sections ive been assigned to, so Im here once a day to check the new threads et all.

Emuforums is like an american soap.... you always tend to come back even though they're some periods of time you dont like it lol

Reichfuher said:
I come back for all the hawt babes, like elly and hushy.
at least someone does, im just not the hawt attraction i used to be
Reichfuher said:
I come back for all the hawt babes, like elly and hushy.
I think Reichfuher is more of a babe.
I come here for high res screenys... Mainly DC and GC games, but sometimes psx and n64 as well. too bad the chankast screeny thread dried up a while ago, and there were a few people posting high res gc pics, but now it seem only CKemu and cooliscool are the only ones willing to endure low framerates for amazing high res pics. :) (god bless you both!)
hushy'd be hotter without the hondas. :p

why do i come here? old habits die hard. not to mention everyone would be sad if i left.

ps. i'm the hot one, b1tchs
hushypushy said:
i come back here to do my duty, i am a moderator after all ;) but i especially love PSX section the most. something feels good about helping newbs i guess...

did anyone that the first group of people who replied are 2001 old schoolers? such a noob from mid 2003 ...
2001??? more like 1999 or was it 1998, when PSxemu first opened, I have been around since the very beginning...! :eyemove:
dpence said:
2001??? more like 1999 or was it 1998, when PSxemu first opened, I have been around since the very beginning...! :eyemove:
Geez..has it really been that long

/DW slaps some dust off their shoulder.

Guess so oO

Feels good to remember those days. Soon some of you young wipper snappers will be making memories of your own.
Exodus said:
hushy'd be hotter without the hondas. :p
hey, girls can like hondas too...right..... :heh:

damn, 1998...back then i wasnt even old enough to legally visit message boards :lol:
Heh, I can't say so much, i'm a completly newbie here =)
NGemu was the second online community I've became a member - before this I didn't even knew about forums, etc... and this was not so long ago, look at my join date! :p
Why do I come to forum every night? Man, its magical. Its so good to enter in a community, and talk about what you want (under the rules and good manners of course), see news, see asian babes, see emulation news, and the best: to make friends.
(if I continue like this, my post will turn into a book)
Guys, no words. I love this forum. I'll never forget about my thread about that girl I was loving, I'll never forget all the kinds words I red from people that I've never seen the face - but believe me, now people that I respect deeply and that are in special place in my heart :)
I hope to be with all of you for a long time, learning more and making more friends.
(I'll stop now)
Peace for all. =)
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Yea, I came originally for emulation help, but stayed for the general community. I feel like there are a lot of like minded people here. The moderators do an outstanding job, and as such the number immature and irrelevant posts seem to keep to a low, tolerable level. This is also shored up by the fact that the posters themselves tend toward intellegence and relevance in thier postings.

I voted for "fun", but I think that habit and some emotional attatchment are both valid as well. I post occasionally on maybe three forums on the internet, and this is one of 'em.

NGEmu forever! :thumb:


PS Post count, ha! I am up to .08 posts/day. :lurk:

PPS Well, it is amazing how things have come full circle over the course of four years. I bounced back through some of my earliest posts, and suprisingly enough the majority of them consisted of questions about Dragon Warrior 7! I never even played it though, I think back then with that old system and the older plug-ins it always looked like crap, so I gave up. Now, here I am playing through the game some four years later. Also, I noticed that a lot of my earlier posts were questions which went unanwered. I suspect it might be because I have a tendancy to ramble about stuff and use 300 words where 10 more than suffice. Oh crap, I am doing it again. :p
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I like the people, and the new updates on not only emulation, but also firefox releases *wink* , and werid news...some REALLY werid news.
funny, i like the people here, but i hate talking on the forums. if you wanna chat go in IRC. i used to be a huge #ngemu whore, but then i invented #hushypushy and now im a whore there...
... inertia I guess. I guess I'm currently in the "this place has lost much of the appeal it had" phase or something, but with the departure/inactivity of many members I appreciated I have found this place increasingly repetitive and plain...

Fortunately the inertia is big enough to keep me coming once in a while :)
I am not going to vote in this poll right away, cause I come here for "ALL" my emulaton Needs!
For myself, it was because of emulation first. Now that these needs are (currently) fullfiled, I can clearly state emuforums is like a fourth 'home sweet home' to me, since 1st to 3rd are already taken in real life.
how about 2nd?
As for me Emuforums just occasionaly have good discussions
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