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Why do People Yell at Cowering? [A Rant]

People often say to me, "I hate cowering", when asked why, the normal response is "all those [ b ] roms, takes so much space, why does he want us to collect them, whats the point?"

I quite agree that there is no point in collecting bad roms, but it's not cowerings fault, cowerings GOODtools provide means to identify if you have any [ b ] roms, and also enable you to sort your collection.

It's your choice if you want to collect every damn ROM out there, a for instance would be, GOODgen, near 700MB of the total 2.09GB of ROMs are [ b ]. But using Cowerings good tools, you could remove [ b ] from your collection, thus saving space, and time sifting through useless garbage.

Eventually every game for a particular system will be dumped, but in that process there would be an astronimical collection of [ b ], [ o ], etc In a dream world (or perhaps in the very distant future), someone will go about making a list of every game and version of those games ever released for a particular system, and create a perfect set. It's not like they are making commercial Atari Lynx games anymore, yet the set grows, why? more and more bad dumps recognised. So what needs to be done (in theory)

#1: Make a list of all games from all countries, including different versions, and betas for a particular system.
#2: Take a Cowering GOODset, and strip it so where possible you can match a [!] game to that list.
#3: Ask, beg ROM dumpers to then fill in the games on that list with new [!] dumps.
#4: Once a complete list for that system is made, RAR it up, and voila, never needs to be updated again, unless some long lost super rare beta or game is found that was never on the list in the first place!

Essentialy, using the databasing Cowering has provided, to produce the ultimate super set, that has every game ever for that system, and all [!]

Cowerings tools are extremely usefull, and without them we'd have no hope in hell of seeing if there where any [!] roms at all, so don't whine about all those [ b ] roms, use his tools to start making that dream set.

What would you include in a [!] set? Well betas, language / region versions of a unique game, every unique game ever, all revisions of a unique game, but all of them commercial. Hacks I would not include, many don't even work on the consoles when put to a blank cart, in my opinion they should be released seperatly as IPS patches, same with translations, but only the completed or most modern version of that translation. PD ROMs should also be excluded from a [!] set, many again don't work on the real console, and in my opinion it's best to stick with what was released by the companies that did games for the console. Intros, trainers etc errfff what sad muppet came up with them, "Blah Dumped BLAH we RUELZ", oh wow, you plugged a cart into a dumper, and distributed it on the web, wow, what do you want, a medal. Trainers are fun, but frankly a good cheat guide or a memory based cheat plugin for the emu does nicely! I am a purist, only a 1:1 dump will do for a [!] collection.

Opportunties missed! We all recall the great GBA rom boom, and what a mess, bad, hacked, intro'd and using some crap xxxx-gamename-dumper name system! All it took was for the dumpers of that time, and currently to work together, or with some standard, eg dump game x, other team do the same to test if the ROM is correct [!] and then release, but nooo, lets all go for glory and dump everything within site, only too look back and realise what a mess had been left behind! Will we ever see the fabled [!] collection, and these days 4GB of a 8GB set is people putting videos to GBA...hence why PD must be excluded, or shall we just put every movie to GBA ever, and make the set infinitly big!

Lets hope that with the Nintendo DS, the dumpers give some breathing space to nintendo, and let the system sell for awhile, but then dump, and dump accuratly, it may be slow, but hey I ain't going anywhere, are you? Imagine a set that actually starts [!] and stays [!]...amazing, impossible, perhaps, but wouldn't it be nice.

So folks, stop blaming cowering, all he does is create a tool to identify the mess, perhaps we should be blaming the dumpers, or our greed to collect, but one thing is for sure, we need a re-dump project, to garuntee a final, and safe set of each system for generations to come, and we need a team or someone to start filling in the gaps for where there is no [!] for a particular game / version / beta!


Note this thread is intended to generate sensible debate, not flame wars :guitar:

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lol, Could I ask who is cowering? Sounds like he has to do with roms :p just for clarification.

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I see no point in collecting roms. They're just images of the real thing. Might as well collect the real games if your that much into it. Now that would be something!

I use NSRT for all my SNES roms. Made by Nach of the Zsnes team. :thumb:

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It'd be a HUGE challenge to go collect every cart for a certain system...I'd give HUGE credit to someone who would actually do that (or has already done it).

CK: I agree with you about PD roms...they shouldn't be part of the set...most are just useless slideshows or something like that...I could go on and on but I don't want to :p

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I agree with all of your point, CKemu.

But the way I see it, this would be a gargantuan task, no matter which console we're talking about. In fact, it would be almost impossible, if humans were to do it.

Maybe an advanced AI will be able to roam the web and do the job for us (Ben Goertzel's "Novamente" or Peter Voss' project pop right into my mind). It may seem like a stupid idea, having an AI to collect and organize ROM sets, but it would be a valid request. And if an AI had enough general intelligence (g-factor) to understand and execute such a request, a hard takeoff (i.e. the Singularity) wouldn't be that far.

/me finishes his rant
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