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Why don't I get Bleem to work ?

I have Bleem 1.5b and has rrun it for 3 times normally (I only play GT1) at 800x600 16bit . But now I can't play it again , everytime I click into to menu screen (quick race, options,...) of GT1 a death blue sceen appear :( :eek:

It's so strange that how could I play it first two times ? :(

My PC :
733 PIII
196Mb ram
32 M GA-660 pro plus
Mitsu. Diamond 17" at 1024x768 16 bit
DirectX 7
MSI Via apollo 133
Live value

I really need help :( coz I only play GT1 and I found bleem has a best speed for this game ( i tried epsxe but it's so slow after a green light RACEEEE :eek:)

I appreciate for any help , thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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