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Gamecube: Free Zelda: Wind Walker, I wanted Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 as well as the Mtroid games. I believe games ported for the Gamecube and Playstation 2 tend to be better on the 'Cube... *Yes the XBOX is best of all three but there were less XBOX exclusives than Game Cube exclusives and the Gamecube was $50 cheaper at the time...*

Playstation 2: Tekken Tag/4, Gradius 3/4,5, Final Fantasy X, R Type Final, King of Fighters 2000-2003. I think there are other Playstation exclusives I wanted as well, but I can't think of them at the moment...

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PS2 - At the time I bought it, more titles available, and at less cost (Greatest Hits, etc...)

GameCube - Cheap, Ninty mascot games are (almost) always fun

Didn't care about exclusive titles when I bought the PS2. I do now though, which is why I don't own an Xbox. The only exclusive that interests me (KotOR) hit the PC anyway...

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First Buy- ps2, because everything about it was good and cool and final fantasy and gran turismo

2nd- gamcube, because I had (prepare for a gasp) never played Zelda and heard a bunch of stuff about it. I liked sonic too, but that came out on dreamcast and pc and the other consoles later.

3rd- xbox, more power and halo. My first game was KOTOR which was awesome.

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ps2 becuse of the games (tekken,mgs,GT4,ect)

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PS2 - Ridge Racer V, I'm a Ridge whore. Also I knew there would be games on it because of how successful the PS2 was. Knew FF was going there, knew there'd be j-rpg's in general as well as new GT etc.. etc..

GC - Super Mario Sunshine, and the upcoming (at that time) Zelda Wind Waker and Ikaruga.

Xbox - SEGA support, Jet Set Radio Future, GunValkyrie and rumored Panzer Dragoon Orta - it seemed to me like this would be the system that SEGA put their games on after the DS went under. Mainly because the DC used Windows CE, so I figured they'd be working with MS. And Project Gotham Racing, because I loved Metropolis Street Racer on the DC - essentially when I purchased the xbox I expected it to be my next Dreamcast. Didn't give one shake about Halo and still don't.

Bought the PS2 in January of 2001 after not getting one for christmas :p. The Xbox in March of 2002 because of Panzer Dragoon Orta rumors and the aformentoioned Sega's next system I believed it to be undercover. And the GC at Super Mario Sunshine's launch whenever that was because I felt I may as well get the cube even if it only had a few games on it I wanted (consequentally some games came that I didn't expect and I'm really gald I got one now - most played system this year suprisingly).

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PS2 because games-wise, overall, its unbeatable.

DC because it was the first 128 bit system (?) and because i wanted to say i had a tile-accelerator based console (yes i was geeky back then)

soon i mite get a GC because its so cheap and it has some interesting games.

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Dreamcast - Capcom vs. SNK 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Soul Calibur, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Ikaruga, Street Fighter (all 3 of them), Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

Gamecube (well I don't technically own, I am borrowing it for an unspecified amount of time :p) - Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda: Wind Waker.

PC - FPS games, RTS, turn based strategy, RPGs, old school adventure, pr0n, work, Internet.

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- PS2 because it had the best games overall
- Gamecube for the Metroid Primes and Eternal Darkness
- X-Box for Ninja Gaiden and Crimson Skies

Sold the GC and X-Box tho recently because I'm short of cash :D

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Can't remember reasons for anything before the N64 generation
Saturn: Spotted it in a shop for 20 quid and thought it'd be great for Shining Force III. Pity I never found a copy.....
PSX: Brother's one died, and I wanted to play the games which he had on it. Purchased another as I fried my first one. I then got another one as a freebie from a mate.
N64: Got it for chrimbo. Was stolen a little later. Repurchased when I saw it in a store for 10 or 20 quid.
Dreamcast: Saw it in a store ex-rental for about half the price of a new system. Sold it 1 week before the PS2 release so I coudl get that (yeah, a mistake I know). Purchased it again via eBay later.
PS2: Final Fantasy X. I was expecting plenty more RPGs to appear on the PS2 due to Square's commitment to it. I was not dissapointed.
XBox: My mate had one. Quite like Dead or Alive on it and wanted the multiplatform games looking better. As an added bonus, hte controller turned out to be a lot better than the PSX one for driving games.

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Dreamcast - Because it's a ****ing Dreamcast.

Sega Saturn - See Above.

Gamecube - Christmas present/Resident Evil 4/Tales of Symphonia

PS2 - Christmas present/Final Fantasy X (It was sad that the game sucked so much... I had to force myself to finish it)/Twisted Metal Black (Say what you will, this game was cool, even if it was an old idea)

X-Box - HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH People buy hardware made by Microsoft? That's kind of like buying software made by Microsoft.... oh wait... I'm using Windows XP. Well dammit.

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N64 - i was being a nintendo fanboy

PSX - this was a handy down from my brother after he get a PS2 but i had lots of FF games amung others for it

PS2 - After my brother sold his i got my own. again lots of good games on it

GC - Probably still being a fanboy :p but really i was looking forward to better games such as metroid, zelda... just a hella lot of exclusives

DS - looked interesting... and it was $100 less than a PSP.

NES/SNES - i think they were also handydown. i got the toploading one early after it came out.

Genesis - SegaCD - 32X - i got it as a gift well after it was still on shelves

DreamCast - me and my brother went in on it. looked kickass . i got a few games. i'm probably going to get more

PC - i originally bought a Dell that was crap.. but i built my current computer to deal with emulation.. inparticularly PS2.. i was so wrong that it could deal with it at decent speed.

3DO - there were a few good games.. alone in the dark anyone?

Game Gear - got as a gift, well after it's prime..

Gameboy and GBC - GBA - purely for portable gameplay

33mhz '040 mac laptop - this was a fun little gift my parents picked up for about $2. No CD drive, no modem, no eithernet, just a floppy drive and old school mac goodness

Atari 2600 - got it for Xmas in "the box" which is an extra gift that's full of stuff my parents find at garage sales. "The box" is often full of everything from magazines, games, and movies to clothes and such.

---- i think that's all

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NES (2 of them) - 1st - too long ago so i don't remember
2nd - Got it at a garage sale because the owner wouldn't sell me just the games
Genesis - because old sonic games are awesome
SNES - for the RPGs
Xbox - Halo, Ninja Gaiden, Kotor, and lan parties.
Gamecube - because I love nintendo and smash brothers, mario kart, few others
PC - because I like staring at computer screens way too much.

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PC - because im computer nerd. :lol:

NES - Rebought it because my original got sold YEARS ago with all my games. Boy do i regret that day. Bought it for nostalgia reasons. :)

Gamecube - Because it has some nintendo-only must-have games, like Metroid serie and Zelda's etc... Tales Of Symphonia was also worth of wait. :thumb:

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NES: Because everyone I knew had a NES and my cousin and I played it a lot at his place. Back then I never even heard of SEGA, I did know Sonic though IIRC, but all I wanted was a NES, and I still love it. I have three of them (garage sales just like JanusX) and one of them is at a friends place.

Gameboy: I wanted a gameboy, my brother had one, and I wanted one of my own. Even though most of the games where his, I played a lot with it. I'm glad I got the old classic gameboy, all those pocket things where way too small to my liking. I hope it still works, even though a lot of pixels are dead, about 5 or perhaps even more vertical lines :(

Dreamcast: I got it in 2003 because I loved NES emulation on PC and I knew the DC was able to do the same, but better. So I decided to replace my NES by it. After having played NES games and some demos I decided to take a look on the internet about what games there actually have been released. It was great to see that there were so many great games released :D

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The last console I bought was the Sega Genesis (well, not really bought it, I got it as a birthday gift).

Never bought a console again, specially with all these high prices (a PS2 in my country costs more than 300USD). I could try importing the consoles directly, but I don't think it's worth the effort.

I suspect I'll buy a PS3, though. The games are looking way too good, and the backwards compatibility is a big bonus. I'll see my financial conditions next year ;)

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NES - Grandma Bought it for Me
Genesis - Christmas Present
Playstation - Friend was moving away and sold it to us for like $50
Nintendo64 (Sold) - Bought it from a friend when he bought Gamecube for Cheap
Playstation 2 - Brother Bought it and Didn't use it so he gave it to me
Gamecube - Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bros, cant say much more than that

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PSX - There were already quite a few titles I wanted to play by the time I got a playstation, but the one that MADE me get it was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night cause I'm a huge CV fan.

N64 - Ocarina of Time tempted me enough to get the N64... though I had alot of fun with it as a party system with the Mario Party games and GoldenEye.

Dreamcast - Unlike most people it wasn't Soul Calibur, Shenmue, or Sonic. I was really impressed by Jet Grind Radio, cell-shading was new then, and it looked great in JGR... it was also fun as hell.

GameCube - Metroid Prime, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Eternal Darkness made me HAVE TO have the Cube. My Cube gets the most action of any of the current consoles, both in single and multiplayer. Like the N64 it's also turned into my party box.

PS2 - Didn't buy it, it's my brother's, though it will soon be mine, as he's giving it to me when he moves out (he's getting married and the ol' ball and chain isn't fond of his gaming). Haven't played it much at all recently except for Katamari Damacy.
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