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Why can't I set 1680x1050

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I can only set 1400x1050 with games, while my native monitor is 1680x1050 and desktop runs perfectly with it...

Could someone explain, or give me a way so I CAN enable it ingames?

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Command and conquer, Sacrifice, Runes of magic (mmo) etc... probably all?
I tried it with generals zero hour and it sets resolution to 800x 600... when i do that.
I have an Iiyama 22 inch screen i didn't upgrade on this pc.

But I remember I used to have this problem with my old pc and then i had some kind of graphics driver i remember and then I suddenly was able to choose all kinds of resolutions... even insane ones like 2500 x1200... But i don't remember what it is....
Squall it didn't have any effect...

By the way in the last remnant (new rpg game) I can choose 1680x1024...

But STILL I remember 1000% sure that I used to have warcraft 3 and I had all possible resolutions possible even ones my monitor couldn't handle, all up the way like 2500x1200 and such (whatever the exact number is).

I think this was because of a modified nvidia forceware driver or some tweak... But I forgot since im not really into it anymore... and can't find which it was.
The Last Remant is a new game thus it supports Widescreen.

However old games like Sacrifice and Generals + Zero Hour don't support Widescreen, only 4:3 and 5:4 Aspect Ratios and thus require those tweaks I linked you too.
It seems you have me on ignore or something though as you're not acknowledging anything I say which is fine by me as it's your loss.
Sorry didn't see that part, ill check it out for sure ;) thanks.

But anyway im 100% sure I had a modified driver/ or reg tweak that adds all possible resolutions to all games in one single file.:dead:
Well I checked Generals worked eventhough ingame says 800x600 but doesn't matter its on so.
Sacrifice is a bit too complicated for me with hexa values and such.

I also have lord of the rings battle for middle earth 1 and 2 +expansion, titan quest+expansion, warcraft 3+expansion which all don't support 1680x1050....

And I know it's possible because I had it before...-.-
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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