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WHOO-HOO New ePSXe version!

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I just read about the new ePSXe version 1.4.0 and I cannot wait. Sounds like a winner. The little save state graphic indicator is going to come in handy. I cannot keep track of all my save states sometimes. The Cyberpad support will be fantastic also. I am grateful to the people who have spent so much of their own time developing this great, free of charge program.
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I didn't saw anynews on ePSXe 1.4.0 . ANyway, where u read it?
Originally posted by ahtze
I didn't saw anynews on ePSXe 1.4.0 . ANyway, where u read it?
Guess ... :D
I didn't suscribed PSXemu Newsletter so i didn't get the news earlier
The newsletter with news on the latest ePSXe isn't even out yet.
Now I hope to run "Clock Tower 2"
I want to play this game very much :)
Hu... did I miss something ? ;)

Where is gone ePSXE 1.3.0 ?
>Hu... did I miss something ?
>Where is gone ePSXE 1.3.0 ?
Check out the main page of
T'inquiètes mec, t'as pas la berlue!
Y l'ont sauté!
A parit de aujourdui tu doit ecrire en anglais sinon personne te comprendras!
quiero taco bell
Can you say that in english. I don't know what the hell your saying.
And I guess zell has to give us french lessons:D .
what i would really like would be the best sound support ever seen in an psx emu.....if it can be done.....only epsxe can do it! :p
well, VGS is still the best in sound, but hopefully that'll change soon :)
And I guess zell has to give us french lessons .
Please I could not go through that again! My french teacher at school was mean mean mean mean MEAN! I haven't touched the subject since (almost 5 years). However it always surprised me how good everyones english is... considering quite a large amount of people here have a different first language.

Zell, did you just ask Eljin to reply in english ? If so that would make carnage179's post rather ironic...
If you must post in your native language, please translate it to english so that others can understand what you are saying.:confused: This because the majority of users can write English well enough to be understood. It is also one of the board rules: Please post in English, so that others may understand what is being said. Just a friendly reminder. Next time, a warning. Thanks.
ok i just said to the guy to stop writhing in Fench nothing more , so anybody could read what he's saying

Das war doch nicht schwer !!!!
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