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Whos late more often??

  • Men

    Votes: 9 42.9%
  • Woman

    Votes: 12 57.1%

Who is late more often?

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Gwad im so sick of my Gf being so fricking late all the time!!
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Are you talking in general like late for date, dinner, lunch, movie etc. Or are you talking professional work, skool etc?
i say men, because they just don't care. But woman normally are primping and crap so maybe them.
as Unicron said, it's more personal thing... but what I see is that most of woman I know are more often late ...
Hmm well it totally depends on the person. I myself am never late for anything, and neither is my mother. My dad on the other hand is late quite often. I know plenty of people who are late, and plenty who aren't.
I would sya chicks because they take so damn long in da bathroom and some don't want there hair messed with.Remeber when most chicks say they only are gonna go window shopping at a mall do not be fooled it is a devious ploy to suck you into a day of hell,watch out you will never leave once it gets mom has done that window shopping story before and that turned to 5hours of hell in the women's section.
i'm late everyday to work and no one notices/cares. and i'm often really late. like 30 minutes
We agree that it is a personal thing, but we still seem to think woman are more prone.

Younger woman put their appearance before time..Most men will throw something on, and use a hat to cover bad hair.

As woman grow older they juggle more priorities with each taking away from timeliness.
Appearance, personal requirements and preparations, children, etc

Funny thing is that men may show up on time (or in some cases early), but they don't exactly show up prepared like woman do.

There are always exceptions, but just our observations
Yep it is all dependent on the person. For me I am 98% on time, the other 2% is really due to the bad wheather or an accident occuring during the regular schedule of my work hours. Other than that, I see both men and women being late depending on their attitude and personalities.
men... I'm a living proof of that :D:D:D
No way ... It's gotta be women. I have never been late for class in 2 years ... Only a few times but it was intentional ;) Women are late because of two reasons ... Either they want to be late (fashonably late of course) or they are too busy doing girly things like makeup and other crap ....
but men tend to be much more lazier that women (in one way or another)... sigh... guess I'm hitting myself :D
Quatro said:
but men tend to be much more lazier that women (in one way or another)... sigh... guess I'm hitting myself :D
Than write that Quatro is more lazy than woman, not men, so you won't hit us too :p
hahaha... you got me there :D but I guess if I would gauge that in my country, men tend to be late than women... sometimes guys get dumped because of coming late in their date (but thats not me :D)

but sometimes, the factors why a person comes late does not come from that person attitude or ways... the environment and that person's surroundings also contribute to a person's tardiness.
Well, my girlfriend is never late for anything... and if I'm late meeting her ( even if it's just 10 minutes ) she's mad at me for several days!, isn't it horrible?, you should all feel sorry for me.
hahaha... been there, done that and it was a very good lesson for me :)

so guys don't get late on your date :D
we feel so sorry for you Chanka ;) dumped because person got late oO interesting... very interesting... :evil:
I really fail to see how punctuality has anything to do with your sex.
I think it mas more to do with the person than with their sex, but...

This is not to say that sex and punctuality are orthogonal. Some women, influenced by the culture they are a part of, arrive late purposefully. It's like that thing about the bride always arriving late. Some women extend this concept to their whole lives. This is not the norm, though, and I know plenty of punctual women (my GF included).
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