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Who here plays Rise of Nations

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I wanted to know who here plays Rise of Nations. I just started playing recently and really like it. Yet i have hard time of joining multiplayer game since i see not too many people play. And wanted to ask if anyone who has the game wants to play against me online.

Also those who have the game have any tips to playing better.
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I play it but I mostly sucks at it, I usaily can fomulate a grand strategy for a team game that works extremely well however I get usaily get owned in a non team game, Play defensive on defensive factions to wear the enemy down, Go for a fast tech rush on the economic factions to overwhelm your enemy with units better than his in a few big attacks and on offensive factions put constant pressure on your opponent to force them to be defensive and take alot of ground while your opponent is busy trying just to hold you off
i had it on here for the longest time, havent really installed it since my last remformat. My favorite strategy game ever though. Pretty sure i'de suck onlie as well :p
I have it,but it has bene a long time since I played it.
have it played it played expansion. in team games im usually protecting my friends from the ultra hard computers we set to battle against that never seems to attack me. i gotta say many people cant play that game properly. cant wait till rise of legends.
I have Rise of Nations and the Expansion. So if anyone here wants a online battle you can reach me through
Xfire: Inca

Also if anyone who has this game can answer my question. When i try to host a game it wont let people in. How can i fix this?
But i can join other peoples tables.
most likely a port forwarding issue. Are you using a router? Find out what ports the game needs, and set the port forwarding on your router to open up those ports to your local IP (The IP addy the router gives you).
Alright ill do that. Thanks.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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