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Who here has the Best computer..Post your Stats, and Lets see!

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Well Ill start, here are the stats of my baby :)

16" Moniter
Nice Big MSI Case, 4 drive bays, two 3.5 bays, 5 hd bays..ect
3 Case Fans
Geforce2 With Blue Orb Cooling it, thus its nicely tweaked :)
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 EAX sound card
Creative FPS 1800 speaker system (4 speakers, Huge sub)
512 MB PC2100 Ram
MSI K7T 266 Pro MB (hell yah)
AMD Athlon TBIRD 1.2 Ghz @ 1.4 Ghz cpu temp of 49C with a Load
30GB 7200 Maxtor, 40GB 7200 Maxtor and a old 8.4 Fijstu (used for back up)

44x CD ROM (generic)
8x4x32x Plextor CDR-RW drive (plextor is one of the best)

thats my baby in a nut shell, hows yours??
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I don't like this thread because I have a damn slow computer. Actually, if there was a "Who has the worst computer" I would win.
Obs: this is a little off-topic, isn't it?
no zephon i can win the best price in your "worst computer contest" hehe and your right this is a little offtopic...
Sorrento, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I have a worse computer than yours. Check out: [email protected], 64mb ram, 6gb hd, Voodoo2, SoundBlaster PCI128
done stop the thread..

Dont stop this thread, Its here to jaz up the fourm a lil bit..we are always talkin bout the same thing over and over...this way people can strut there stuff, or show there pos, its all in good fun
hmm lol he only wants to show off with his new PC

but ok

MSI-MS 6340 KT133, AMD Thunderbird 1000, 576 MB SDRAM (PC-133, @CL2), Prolink TNT2 m64 (Radeon will come), Fujitsu HD (20 GB, UDMA 100) , 52x CDROM, HP Burner (4x, 4x, 24x), Fast/Ethernet Adapter, ADSL with no limit
hmmm thats why we have profiles no? off topic! delete!!

here is mine
Nice Black Alienware Hydraulic Case /w Enermax 350w PSU
Amd Tbird 1 Ghz /w Chrome Orb
512mb Crucial CL2
64mb Geforce2 Pro
Avermedia TV98
SBLive! Value
3com NIC
2 case fans + 1 pci slot fan
1 Quantum 30 Gig HD, 1 Maxtor 12 Gig HD
1 Toshiba 12x DVD (Region Hacked), 1 Plextor 161040A (Burn Proof Baby!)
1 Floppy
Black IBM Keyboard
Razer Boomslang 1000
Black 15in LCD
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Well, you can discuss nearly everything ... but please, do it in the proper forum :)
OK here goes:
P200 MMX
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 Virge) 4 MB
Crystal Audio sound card
Lame-ass no-name 2 piece speakers
Quantum Fireball 1.2G + Quantum Fireball 3.2G + Western Digital 2.0G
D-Link Ethernet adapter
8x CDROM generic

..... oh wait..... that's my old computer downstairs... d'oh! :p
errr ok
abit kt7a
t-bird [email protected] (9x150)
fop32 with 8000rpm delta fan/hairdryer
256 crucial cas 2 @150mhz
45gig ibm 72000 deskstar
13gig ibm 72000 deskstar
mitsumi cdrw
17"compaq monitor (trinitron)
soundblaster pci128
soundblaster awe64 gold
Radeon64 ddr

for what its worth
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amd cookedbird [email protected] 43C full load
256MB pc150 sdream
sound bastard life xgamer edition
gefox2 ultra @ 320/510
marcoshit sidewinner gamepad
some netword card
dumb hdd x3
plextor 8432 x2
plextor 121032
a defected 17" monster
i have no froppy driver
Nothing beats my computer :D :

P 75
32 MB of RAM
Cirrus Logic 1MB video card
Sound Blaster 16 Sound card
Quad speed Creative Labs CD-ROM Drive
Quantum Fireball 1GB HD
15" Samsung SyncMaster 3

So, what do you think?
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486 SX
4 mb of RAM
onboard cirrus logic 1 mb isa
ess isa
no cd rom
85 mb hard disk
14" montor

but, i sell it a few month ago for $60
Okay, here's mine:
Athlon T-Bird 1.2ghz
GEForce 2 GTS
Sound Blaster Live Value
256 megs of PC133 ram
HP CD Writer Plus CD writer 4x/24x/4x
Pioneer DVD 10x/40x
Windows 98 First Edition
Soyo SY-K7VTA Pro VIA KT133A Motherboard
Best Data Smart One ISA Hardware Modem
PSX Dual Shock Controller
There you go, hope you like it.
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Here goes:

19" flat screen monitor(sweet)
amd Tbird [email protected](fsb only 113*2=226 mhz)
ATx case with Openning side panel(left open sometimes)
256 megs Cas2 ram [email protected] mhz
Voodoo 5 5500 agp [email protected](stable)
Huge globalwin FAN w/copper base (7200 rpm)
Maxtor 40 gig ata 100 7200 rpm HD
Sound Blaster Live Xgamer pci
2 Kenwood surround sound computer speakers
surround sound output through stereo sytem: 2 huge speaker subs, 2 small speakers, 1 middle channel speaker
7 speakers in all
Cd rw 4x4x24
EDO dvd drive 10x
win98 SE
Directx 8.1 beta 683 imperium
Microsoft sidewinder 10 buttons(gameport)
Thrustmaster dual power gamepad(usb)
Abit kt7a raid mobo
ADSL connection

built this baby myself(bought the parts and put them together).... Gonna build another computer based on this.. :)
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My progeny :D :

Windows 98 Secon Edition
Shuttle AI61 mobo
AMD Athlon 700 MHz (soon to be 850)
320 MB RAM (recently upgraded)
VooDoo 5 5500 AGP 64 MB VRAM
SB Live! X-Gamer (not the 5.1)
Creative PC-DVD 12x (40x) - master at UDMA 33
iOmega CD-RW 8x4x32x - slave at LBA Mode 4
15" Monitor :(
Really fly black ATX case
2 crappy $10 speakers (soon to be 4.1 speakers)
M$ Sidewinder gamepad
and 6 fans!
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is that a total of 6 speakers?

fivefeet, is that a total of 6 speakers you have there???

4 +sub, plus your 2 kens?
My first comp (1992):

Intel 80286 CPU @ 25 Mhz
640 KB base RAM
80 MB hard drive
512 KB Trident video card
5.25" Floppy drive
3.5" Floppy drive
DOS 6.2 OS (upgraded from 5.0)

My second comp (1996):

Intel 80586 CPU @ 120 Mhz (overclocked from 100)
24 MB EDO RAM (upgraded from 8 MB)
1.06 GB hard drive
4x generic CD-ROM
4 MB Matrox Mystique video card (upgraded from 1 MB S3)
14.4 Modem/Sound card combo card
3.5" Floppy drive
Microsoft Windows 98 SE (upgraded from Windows 95 OEM)

My current comp (1999):

-- see specs below --

CPU upgraded from Intel Mendocino(Celeron) 366
64 + 256 (upgrade) RAM
CD-RW added a year later
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Well, mine's you can see in the profile, but i'll post my friend's computer he bought a couple of days ago.

Intel P4 1.5 [email protected] 1.7Ghz (watercooled, 23C on load, this guy is nuts)
Asus mobo (don't know the model)
SBLive! 5.1 X-gamer with Cabridge's Soundworks Dolby Surround System
Hercules 3D Prophet III (Geforce 3) 64MB
WinME(Crappy thing :D)
HP Cdwritter 9300 (12x10x32)
Sony DVD 12x
Graphite Case (don't know the brand, might be generic...)
Maxtor Diamond Max HD (80GB, 10K, Cooled)

I think that covers it, i can't wait to upgrade mine too. :D
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