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>Just wanna know
Though I'm certain a few c001 aZZ d00ds will cite me for being quite the philistine, my first Sim City was the one for the SNES. It was the first time I'd ever even heard of the game, in fact, but I quickly came to realize it was nothing short of excellent. A year or so after I'd gotten the first, I learned that SimCity 2k was coming out. Since I was hooked by that point I went and got the official strategy guide (which, unlike other video games, was more a helpful resource moreso than a way to cheat) since it had both pictures of the game as well as interviews with none other than Will Wright (whom, in my opinion at least, has a humor unparalleled for a software developer. Only Linus Torvalds comes close), said interview being quite irreverent by the way.

Case in point:
Interviewer: "So, Will, what tools did you use to create SC2K?"
Will, pondering: "Mortar, bricks, ball peen hammer..."

So where was I..oh, right, Sim City is really neat. ;)
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