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<div><a href="" target="_blank">WhineCube</a>, a Gamecube emulator has been updated to R6, here is what the author has to say about this release:
  • This
    is an interim release, a way to collect all the work I've done since
    the last release. I want to give a big heap of thanks to all the beta
    testers, without whose help I could not have done this.

And here are the changes :
  • Fixed some of the blending issues in the GUI.</li>
  • Made several major internal changes. </li>
  • Improved GP(3D hardware) emulation.</li>
  • Added rudimentary memcard emulation. It is not yet directly compatible with memcard </li>
  • images formatted on a real Cube.</li>
  • Added UART output emulation(OSReport).</li>
  • Added Always on top option.</li>
Thanks again to Keith from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for informing us know about this!</div>
<div> » Download: <a href=";id=400" title="">WhineCube R6</a> </div>
<div>» Visit: <a href="" target="_blank">WhineCube Homepage</a></div>
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