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Final Fantasy x-2 EUR sles_518.18(very playable)

core2 duo e6400
nvidia 7600gs 256mb o.c
Directx 9c WindowsXp m.c.e
pcsx2 0.9.5
all cpu multicore functions enabled
game works fine,great speed (gsdx 0.1.5 definetively fixed yuna's hair textures) 1680x1050 native resolution option NOT enabled
Direct3d9 Hardware Pixel shared 3.0
enjoy pictures

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Is the yuna's hair fix that the setting mentioned above (and also in the screenshot thread) mean only for the view from lower ground? Because when I use that setting, the Yuna's hair still mess up when the camera is from above, although everything look fine when the camera is from below, let say, from her shoulder. (As I noticed none of the screenshots are from overhead camera)
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