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Which should I upgrade first?

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I can't afford to buy a new PC right now.

My existing specs is:
AMD K6-2 500
motherboard is Jetway 542..something (I'm from Asia)
16MB Voodoo Banshee
52x AOpen CDROM 952e.

To improve ePSXe's performance which should I buy first? a new board, processor, memory or video card?

Any suggestion highly appreciated..
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Originally posted by Betamax
Ok I checked up on the mobo. It has an AGP 2x slot not a 4X so one of the really powerful graphics card might have its performance limited by this.
I wouldn't worry about it. There's almost no difference between AGP 2X and AGP 4X, performance-wise.
Exactly. Not to mention that fast-writes can make your system unstable. And you'll only feel a difference between AGP 2X and AGP 4X if you run out of video memory, which won't happen all that often with 32MB of graphics memory.
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