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Which should I upgrade first?

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I can't afford to buy a new PC right now.

My existing specs is:
AMD K6-2 500
motherboard is Jetway 542..something (I'm from Asia)
16MB Voodoo Banshee
52x AOpen CDROM 952e.

To improve ePSXe's performance which should I buy first? a new board, processor, memory or video card?

Any suggestion highly appreciated..
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Thank you guys for all the replies. I really appreciate it...

Since some suggested on memory upgrade, i checked on our local stores for 128mb SDRAM.
I noticed that PC100 RAMs are already quite hard to find; what they have now is PC133.
Would there be a problem using these type. Can I combine PC100 and 133 types, or would socket 7 motherboards accept 133mhz RAM (in the first place)?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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