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Which should I upgrade first?

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I can't afford to buy a new PC right now.

My existing specs is:
AMD K6-2 500
motherboard is Jetway 542..something (I'm from Asia)
16MB Voodoo Banshee
52x AOpen CDROM 952e.

To improve ePSXe's performance which should I buy first? a new board, processor, memory or video card?

Any suggestion highly appreciated..
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Ok I checked up on the mobo. It has an AGP 2x slot not a 4X so one of the really powerful graphics card might have its performance limited by this. If you want to go for a graphics card for this machine save your cash and get one of the budget ones, such as the geforce 2 MX. I'd say the best bang for buck here would be memory, as 64 MB just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. This should also speedup the system in general... not just for games or emulation like changing the graphics card would.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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