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which pulgin i need?

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i have budokai 3 on cd,then i want know which pulgin i need for pcxs2 ?
because when i want play then the emulator say i dont have cd\vd pulgin.
i from israel so sry for my english.
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first of dont apologise for your english, its been driving me spare people saying that! i can understand what you mean even if its not perfect structure!

anyway, a cdvd plugin SHOULD have come with the emulator when you downloaded it, altho its possibly defaulted to cdvdnull, so check your config and make sure you are using either Peops CDVD plugin or Linuzappz Iso driver, depending on if you are using dvd images or proper dvd's.

if not you can get the plugins from the site
which plugin are you using? peops or linuzappz?

possible causes

Peops = you havent selected the correct DVD drive or used options it doesnt support.

Linuzappz = You havent selected an image or it is pointing to a location that doesnt exist
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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