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Ok I know that a lot of members make threads like these and I'm pretty sure you all get annoyed by it (I don't no, that might just be me thinking that). But my knowledge of hardware and laptops and such is crap and I have been looking on the internet for laptops.

I want to get a laptop mainly for my studies (Business Information Systems), I don't know what kind of laptop I should get. I'm going to be doing thing like:
-Web Design
-Internet Applications
-Web Application Development

I don't know if these will effect my laptops performance, or if i need a laptop with specific specs, but I just want your guys opinions on what I should get.
I am not worried about price at the moment.
Thanks :)

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Database programming requires lots of ram, get at least 4GB, and I don't know if Oracle or Mysql even run on mac.
Get a core 2 laptop either dual or quad (the latter if you can afford), don't get AMD for laptop, it's slower and consume more watt. GPU isn't so important for your specific use, but I suggest to get an ATi card. hmm what else...

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Buy a laptop with the following things
2ghz cpu dual core
8 or 9 series geforce card
2gb ram or more
5 in one card reader
dvd writer
wifi and bluetooth
mic and webcam
hdmi and vga out
lan, ieee ports,
docking station connectivity
good speakers and battery
good cooling

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I think something with a dual-core CPU (at least 1.8GHz+) and 2GB RAM would be sufficient.

I have a Compaq Presario CQ61, it was purchased in the UK for 400 Pounds and has the following specs:

- Intel T4200 (2GHz dual-core)
- Intel GMA 4500 (this is, by far its weakest component)
- 160GB HDD
- 15.4" screen
- WiFi, 5-in-1 card reader, HDMI

This should be enough especially since GPU juice isn't really needed with the kind of tasks you mentioned (hey GMA 4500 isn't really that bad runs Aero Glass very smoothly :p), assuming its within your range.....though you might wanna try getting an HP or Vaio with similar specs since Compaq Presarios don't have good reivews on the net (even though I've had zero problems with both the Presarios I've owned).

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I don't think he'd have to ask if he was willing to spend that much, could have just went and picked up a nice ASUS G series gaming laptop.

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I am planning to buy this laptop affordable @595$ and good spec!I hope you like it too!

Compaq Presario CQ40 510TU
CPU C2D 2.1Ghz T6500 2MB L2
HDD 320GB 5400RPM
14.1 Inch
Vista Home Premium

Or this Toshiba L510 S406 @750$

CPU C2D 2.1Ghz T6500 2MB L2
HDD 250GB 5400RPM
VGA ATI HD4530 256mb
14.1 Inch WLED truebrite
Free DOS
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