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Which is the best to download?!

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Well I don't know which one's are good, but from all your perspective which;
-sega genesis
-gameboy color
-neo-geo pocket
-gameboy advance
emulators, are good out there:)
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Though this may have changed, the only usable TG16 emu that I'd seen was shareware (and if memory serves they wanted quite a bit for it). I haven't really been following TG emulation much, as I didn't have much familiarity with the system.

>-sega genesis
The Genesis, however, has a much larger following in the emulation community. As such, the emulators for it are a good deal more mature and run most games. My favorite is the Windows-based DGen.

>-gameboy color
Also another system with a large following. The best emulators I've seen have been Boycott and (my favorite) NO$GB (which you have to register). As far as compatibility goes I haven't really seen anything that beats No$GB, hence why I feel more inclined to recommend it.

>-neo-geo pocket
Emulators exist for it, though I've never used one. It's a newer system as well, so I'd imagine the emus aren't very advanced yet.

>-gameboy advance
The GBA can be emulated quite well by Boycott Advance though you'd need a rather fast system to get any degree of performance out of it.

I suppose, if I were to pick one, I'd go with Genesis emulation, if only because of the maturity of the emulators.
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Anyone else with some ideas?!:rolleyes:
why didn't you consider SNES? It's one of the best systems with the best game library, and its emulation is very heavily developed.

other than that, i would try GBA first. as it's a brand new system, it'd have more up to date games.

but if you have problems running that, then take cluthu's advise and go with the genesis. some of the greatest games (esp Sega ones) just arent avail anywhere else.
well, my advice would be downloading Zsnes (as takwu said) and play ALL the old great RPGs like Chrono trigger and FF6. i finished these games recently too :)
Why don't u download them all? That's what I always do!! :p :p

Then I see witch one is the best...
TG16/PCE - MagicEngine (Shareware), or TGEmu (Open-Source, Freeware)
Sega Genesis - Gens (Freeware)
GB/GBC/SGB - VisualBoy (Freeware)
NGPC - NeoPocott (Freeware)
GBA - VisualBoy Advance (Freeware), or Boycott Advance (Cardware)
YES !!! Download everything . the best thing to do .
I already got the snes emu, but anyway thanks for the info, also thanks CDBURNOUT for the details;) .
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