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I'm new here and I hope not to do anything wrong if I aks you which bios I should use for pcsx2.

I read the scph10000 is not supported. Could anyone tell me the filename? I don't ask you to send me the bios or tell me where to get it, I just want to know the name of the file!

I'm a big fan of pcsx2, please don't be angry if I've done anything wrong with posting this thread!

ah before I forget: sry for my bad english

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there are many bios for eg...


you also need the rom 1.bin and rom2.bin(you will get it if u dump it form your ps2)... but until now... the unavailability of rom1.bin and rom2.bin does not make a difference to the compatibility pf PCSX2

anyway.. welcome to the forum! feel free to ask anything bearing in mind the rules and regulations....
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