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Where's the new version of Adripsx?

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I'm not trying to be impatient, but I thought it was supposed to be out on Friday and here it is, Saturday evening (where I live) and still no new version. Is it still going to be released? I hope so because it sounded great and I was looking forward to "one last treat":D before it went private. Any information would be appriecated. Thanks.
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Well, I also wanted to release it on wednesday.
Actually, I'm waiting for some news from Pete, who was coding a new GUI plugin, and I wanted to test it some before making a last pubilc release.

I hope to have all it done for this week end.
As pluses, you must consider that the emu is still "improving" during this delay ;) Just yesterday, "Legend of Manna" and "Grandia" begun to work.

See ya.

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New release here

Well, with Pete... it seems like a "standart" lost mail :p
the "prototype" worked very well, as far as I know.
I've sent a mail to Pete some days ago, that seems to have been lost somewhere in the net :(

For those of you that are just curious...
here I'm posting actual AdriPSX.

It worked fine on my PC, but JNS tells me that it always hungs at his home... of, if someone experience the same problem, please tell me.

This is not a full release, AdriGUI.dll file is missing. So, for making this one run, just replace AdriPSX.exe file in the previous installation of AdriPSX (last previous release .

See ya.

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Originally posted by wanderer
Unfortunately, gameplay is much much slower, and some games (Tarzan, Bugs Life, MGS) have hangups: the first two have a problem after the mdecs. MGS hangs after the startup screen. The earlier version ran it ok. :(
MGS? I don't know this game :(

As for Tarzan, I know about it...
It is playable anyway, but for doing that, you must enable "CDROM EXTRA DECODER", and also disable both MDEC switches in "GPU options". BY doing that, MDEC will not be displayed (just a black screen), but game will be fully playable.
This happens also for some other few games.
I'm still working on correcting this bug.

See ya.

Choppy sound, most times, is because MDEC are played FASTER than normal... for fixing this, try by setting XA INTERPOLATION in Pete's SPU. ;)

Thanks a lot for the info ;)

I'l work on those. :)

See ya.

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