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Where's the new version of Adripsx?

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I'm not trying to be impatient, but I thought it was supposed to be out on Friday and here it is, Saturday evening (where I live) and still no new version. Is it still going to be released? I hope so because it sounded great and I was looking forward to "one last treat":D before it went private. Any information would be appriecated. Thanks.
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Actually, I'm waiting for some news from Pete, who was coding a new GUI plugin, and I wanted to test it some before making a last pubilc release.
Yeeeks... you are waiting for the gui plugin? I thought you wanted to release AdriPSX first,
so I can see all available options in the new version... tststs... and you didn't tell me, if the
first gui prototype did work :p

I hope to have all it done for this week end. As pluses, you must consider that the emu is still "improving" during this delay. Just yesterday, "Legend of Manna" and "Grandia" begun to work.
Hehehe... wonderfull... so I will delay the gui plugin another week or two... maybe even more games will be playable until then... currently I am knee-deep into my new spu plugin :)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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