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Where's the new version of Adripsx?

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I'm not trying to be impatient, but I thought it was supposed to be out on Friday and here it is, Saturday evening (where I live) and still no new version. Is it still going to be released? I hope so because it sounded great and I was looking forward to "one last treat":D before it went private. Any information would be appriecated. Thanks.
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Roor, It works nice! MDECS are perfect (Segu's graphic plugins make it run full speed on my slow computer), exactly as you said, like VGS! XA Audio is quite improved (Background music in some games)

Unfortunately, gameplay is much much slower, and some games (Tarzan, Bugs Life, MGS) have hangups: the first two have a problem after the mdecs. MGS hangs after the startup screen. The earlier version ran it ok. :(

I'm using Pete's SPU & CDR plugins. Pete's GPU plugins are slow on the MDECS.
Roor, try checking this out.

The good news:

Armored Core: Project Phantasma works full speed, with almost perfect XA audio (some speech in the opening of the second mission got left out)

The bad news (but tolerable):

As usual MDECS were running at full speed, but this time, sound was very choppy.

Tony Hawk does seem to run better though with XA audio on (At least I can hear the background music audibly and more clearly). MDECS are still good, with some sound glitches, but definitely much better than Epsxe.

Tekken 3 causes AdriPSX to exit if you enable the static recompiler. Disabling it makes it work and MDECS run great! Some problem in the static recompiler perhaps?

MGS as Samor said stands for Metal Gear Solid. I usually base my judgement on this software, since so far, only VGS runs this perfectly (more or less).

Until then :D
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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