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Where to get EXE (tech demos) files to play with ePSXe

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My cd-rom is broken so I can't play anything at all. Plus, my new CD-ROM won't be delivered until next next week. So, can anyone know where I can find EXE files to keep me company until my CD-ROM comes. Those are files that don't need CD to play but they are demos.
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Dude you won't find tech demos of playstation games to play on epsxe or any psx emulator,you can search mirc or google for those demos of games like for pc or those ones made by people which can be pretty fun.just be patient and wait till your new cd drive arrives.
That would be a long time before I can start playing again. I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!
That's not along time if your in a rush then try out mame or other emulators to hold you over:).
What's Mame?
an arcade emulator.
Congratulations. You're officially annoying.
actually, there ARE some small demo's for PSX.
I think the PCSX site has/had a few of them. ePSXe is kinda bad with some though; maybe pcsx itself would do better; ehrm... it probably will.
It's legal sh!t too. How cool is that?

yup, still exist; over here:
You can find some executable Demos from Kojotes site aswell:
FLaRe85 said:
Congratulations. You're officially annoying.
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