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Where is the data stored, for girigiri

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Hey I got girigiri running on my athlonXP machine and I want to transfer my savedata from SSF (ExternalBackupRAM.bin and/or InternalBackupRAM.bin). I don't know where to put them though.

Girigiri is definitely saving its data, but I don't know where. The base.ini says "USERDIR=profiles/saturn" but no such directory exists anywhere in the filesystem. If I change the USERDIR, it loses the data, which makes sense. (If I change it to an absolute path I get an error message.)

Even if I can't transfer the SSF data I still need to be able to back up the girigiri data eventually. Where the hell is it??
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its under %windir% + userdir

ergo if your windir is C:\Windows, it will be under C:\Windows\profiles\saturn.
personally I just edited it to \saturn, you can't seem to put it under the default dir where girigiri is.
There's also another ini file there with some nice settings to fiddle with.
Someone really needs to make a util that can transport saves from one save file to another so you don't have to launch the emu and do it from that all the time.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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