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Where is the data stored, for girigiri

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Hey I got girigiri running on my athlonXP machine and I want to transfer my savedata from SSF (ExternalBackupRAM.bin and/or InternalBackupRAM.bin). I don't know where to put them though.

Girigiri is definitely saving its data, but I don't know where. The base.ini says "USERDIR=profiles/saturn" but no such directory exists anywhere in the filesystem. If I change the USERDIR, it loses the data, which makes sense. (If I change it to an absolute path I get an error message.)

Even if I can't transfer the SSF data I still need to be able to back up the girigiri data eventually. Where the hell is it??
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liquid said:
Do none of the illegal hacks available will let you back up GiriGiri saves? Now I find that damn funny :D
I'm not using worthless illegal hacks. I'm using the real giri giri.
Thank you Borisz. That is exactly what I needed to know.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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