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Where can I download the PCSX2 Revisions?

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Where can I download the PCSX2 Revisions?
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I downloaded the latest package from there. I can't seem to make two things happen though:

1) How can I Fullscreen using the latest gsdx? Even with alt+enter it does not work. Always window mode no matter what I choose, regardless of the presence of a tick in "window mode".

2) The pcsx2 with the new gui does not have an option to limit fps. It runs like hell.

Please, any chance you know how to enable these two features, I am in your debt. This build is way better than the old one with FFX.

I thank you in advance.
1. Tried GSdx before r1870.
2. Enable wait vsync in GSdx plugin or use legacy version.
Does anybody know where can I download PCSX2 Revision 1648 or 1652?

I checked the website and they are Not there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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