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When will Macromedia finally add some HW acceleration to its Flash player?!?

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The topic says it. I mean, Flash animations get more and more complex and at the same time they get slower and slower. Why does that Flash player still use Software drawing?

I've seen a player (Swiff player) which has an option to play a Flash through hardware, but it is still very buggy (and it only works properly with NVidia cards).

Do you maybe know another player which does this?
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None yet, but if GPLFlash ever takes off, I can see GPLFlash + Cairo + Glitz being a distinct possibility.

I looked at Swiff Player, and it sounds like just hardware-accelerated blitting, not actual accelerate rendering.
Well, it produces enough glitches to look like HW rendering. And all the flash animations I've watched with it, yet, are rendered really fluently, even those with massive amounts of sprites.

Only downside: They get out of sync and they also behave differently. You cannot control them anymore speaking of menus and some small animation bits loop endlessly.
I just realized that hardware acceleration isn't enabled by default. :p Unfortunately, on all the things I tried, it's too glitchy for me to say whether or not it's any faster.
Try some flashes ("There She Is! 2 - The Cake Dance" worked pretty well). You WILL see a difference.
Macromedia Shockwave already does have hardware accelerated graphics.
Accelerated as in "we use an overlay" sort of thing, or as in "we use OpenGL/Direct3D primitives for our line drawing" sort of thing?
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