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Really need help guys, first time using epsxe,
I follow through the setup help on the epsxe's web site

I donwloaded the epsxe v.1.4.0

my hardware config is
celeron 500
creative 52x cd-rom
vodoo 3 AGP
normal sound card

for plugins,
I put the gpuPeteD3D.dll in plugins, and
use the cd-rom and sound dll included in
epsxe v.1.4.0

i start the epsxe and then choose run cd-rom and the the dos-prompt runs a series of command( i guess) then a "illegal operation"
prompt come up and I have to exit the application..
Anyone knows whats wrong!???

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I think I had the same problem when I first installed.
Im sure I deleted the first install and reinstalled (cant remember if I deleted the registry files as well but I think I did)
Then I reinstalled again and it worked.
btw the optimal video plugin for your card is the lewpy one.
Also check in the cdrom config that the right letter is chosen for your cd (ie not just first cd but d: or whatever)
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