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When Mammals Mix

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I did not know that so many animals had not yet seperated completely so that they could not mate between them. The 400 pound dolphin mating with the 2000 pound false killer whale thats not right.
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Cloud Strife 7 said:
How did you guess that I was thinking of monkeys?
You are not the first one to think of that. Even more many scientist believe the HIV virus passed from monkeys to humans either through humans eating monkeys or humans having intercourse with monkeys. Anyways monkeys are the closest animals to humans with champazes having 98.4 percent of the same genetic material as humans. What differences a few genes makes on a species.
I guess everyone these days thinks of monkeys if you ask them to whom they think they are compatible... and I can`t blame them.
In any case, I didn`t know that thing about the HIV virus, thanks for the info.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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