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When Mammals Mix

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I did not know that so many animals had not yet seperated completely so that they could not mate between them. The 400 pound dolphin mating with the 2000 pound false killer whale thats not right.
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Guys, isnt that called evolution?

* correction *

Are those pics for real? I mean, looks real enough but i'm not so convinced
I though that different species of animals have varying number of chromosomes, so it automatically nullifies, the reproduction stage. In Biologyical Engineering, we study that only the same species can reproduce successfully, resulting in an offspring. That is to say that if 46 chromosomes male cross with a 46 chromosome female, a 46 chromosome offspring is produced, isnt that right?
Its only good while it lasts then, and then Poof no more. unless another two mix right? heh this is really funny
and stupid
and unnatural
so those pics of natural hybrids. thats a double wow from me then, its exotic, but trying to imagine the possibilities in a biological manner drives you mad.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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