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When Mammals Mix

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I did not know that so many animals had not yet seperated completely so that they could not mate between them. The 400 pound dolphin mating with the 2000 pound false killer whale thats not right.
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i think the site is in flash,Maybe you shoud check your browser support for flash
Yup, it`s in flash, and it`s a long wait `till it loads.
What if an individual with 62 chromosomes mates with an individual with 66 chromosomes? Then the hybrid will have 64 chromosomes, which means the chromosomes can separate at meiosis (32 on one side,32 on the other),and so it will not be sterile, right?
I though that different species of animals have varying number of chromosomes, so it automatically nullifies, the reproduction stage
Actually, the reproduction stage isn`t nullified, and the hybrid can actually be produced (theoreticly;it`s still a matter of circumstances). The usual problem is that the hybrid is sterile, and thus it`s existince can not pe perpetuated (it can not mate with others of his species, or any other species, and thus the created hybrid species will dissapear).
Well, if it works for animals, it works for us. We are like animals after all. But I sure don`t want to imagine that...
How did you guess that I was thinking of monkeys?
I guess your right. That was a pretty wild guess I did then (totaly undocumented). I guess it`s hard (or imposible) to find geneticly compatible species for humans (or any other animal as well).
I guess everyone these days thinks of monkeys if you ask them to whom they think they are compatible... and I can`t blame them.
In any case, I didn`t know that thing about the HIV virus, thanks for the info.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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