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What's up with throttle?

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I probably haven't read all release notse but if there any workarounds. When I use a speed that's suppose to be less than 100 percent, it's almost the equivalent of full turbo. The sound's less than 100 percent, but not the game speed.

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Throttle doesn't work as it is made out to..... never has.

0% = no throttle, meaning normal speed. you'd have to go below 0% (which you can only do via custom throttle)
I think its time that was rectified... 100% throttle should typically be full speed....

hmm... yeah, the value is supposed to limit the emulation to 100% speed, instead its not having much of an effect at all....

thanks, i'll put it in the bug tracker (...tbh, i've had issues with it since 1.6)
Thank you! I didn't reply right away cause I busy but yeah I thought you could go under 1 percent, but I forgot about the 5 percent minimum. Thanks.

I've searched before I posted and saw someone else had the problem, thought it was from an older version so I thought i'd make a new one. But yeah, I need to slow the throttle so I can cheat on pokemon with the machine slots!
;) if it helps, just force the highest level of 4x filter.
Curse it, my machine's too powerful!!!! Why did you have to write such a fast emulator?
lol, hmm, try using OpenGL and enable AA in the driver, that might take the performance down a notch.
Lol, okay. I'll just wait for another great release.
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