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What's the best settings to run Final Fantasy IX?

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I'm running an AMD Thunderbird @ 850mhz, w/256mb of pc133 RAM, GeForce2 GTS, 8x4x32 CD-R Drive, and VIA onboard sound. I'm using Pete's OpenGL plugin v1.49, Null2's sound plugin 1.35, and the CdrAspi CD-ROM driver. I'm trying to get a good balance of performance and graphics. I've tried turning up all the graphic effects but that slowed it WAY down. Also it seems like no matter what settings I choose the movies are slow and very choppy, anyone know how to fix this?

Oh, and by the way, does anyone know if SquareSoft has any plans to release FF9 for the PC? I hate emulators, they never work right and they're always too slow (even on high-end machines).
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I have a tbird 1 gig, 256 megs 133 casus ram, abit kt7a 133 raid mobo, and I have tried all the pluggins with epsxe and the games run excellent, even the mdecs runs great and looks awesome.. I think you may need to do some bios tweaking or graphics card tweakin.... or update all drivers....
Try using the internal spu plugin instead. I thibk that the mdec glitch is due to the null2 plugin... at least the sound jerks for me with it and not any other one.
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