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Seeing as though I can't be given support for games downloaded in file format, I'll need to know this, as I can borrow my friends' games and then stick them on my PC to use with No$GBA.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and as well as the program name, I'll also need to know what else I'll need, sorry for not mentioning that.

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First of all that's still not quite legal, just like borrowing your friend's PC game and creating an ISO image of it is not legal. Only creating backups/dumps of your own games is legal.

Second this has nothing to do with no$gba so I will move it to misc discussion.

Thirdly there are various different methods each however requiring a special item of some sort and unfortunately the guides to these dumping methods are all on sites which contain other content which contravenes the rules of this site so the only thing I can suggest is googling DS ROM dumping and picking whichever method you can carry out the easiest.

Fourth you don't even need our support any more as all info you need is readily available if you just look.
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