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Whats the best emulator for Capcoms 2D fighters?

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i want to play things like SF2 alpha 2, Marvel vs Capcom etc.

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If you want to stick with the Playstation version of that, then any of them (VGS, ePSXe, etc) would do just fine.

However, my own preference is to use the arcade (CPS-2) emulator! WinKawaks, FinalBurn, or MAME would work perfectly for those!
fivefeet8: So, you like Mashi Maro too, eh? :)
Yeah, I thought it was cool, and hilarious..
thanks, im downloading cps2mame now.
Personally, I think that Finalburn and Kawaks are the best.
But if you really like 2d fighting games try MUGEN !! it's a good program !
tried mugen, but i couldnt get it to work for some unknown reason,
Anyway, got nebula, and SF alpha 2/3, Xmen vs SF, Xmen COTA, Vampire Saviour etc, and theyre all awesome, thanks a lot guys!! :)
I tried Nebula, Calice, Finalburn(all versions), Kawaks, cps2mame, ace, and I still stick to my first choice: Finalburn. Kawaks is also very good.
Personally, Kawaks sucks hard on my machine, but Nebula plays REAL good. Final Burn seems good too, but seems to skip some frames for me.

I guess the moral is, try each one and see which is the best for you.

Originally posted by Zell
But if you really like 2d fighting games try MUGEN !! it's a good program !
i tried mugen b4, it is a good program. But, some chars i downloaded were way too powerful ...... including "1 hit dead" and "undead". :eek:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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