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I used this site a couple years a go to play FF7 for the 1st time and the site was amazing. It was the best around for offering ratings and descriptions of emus and the best plugins for them. What's going on now. I used it awhile ago to understand ps2 emu's + plugins and all the info and downloads were fine. None of the links for anything works for emus. It still has links for stuff on the side like: epsxe, ssspsx, etc. All that happens when u click is a redirect. I read the previous two posts in this section and I understand ngemu got a new server upgrade. Why can't the developers fix these links? They were great because they offered ratings along with all the plugins in an easy manner. I found the downloads stuff in the forums for ps1, but it is definitely not laid out that well. Will this ever be fixed back to the way it was or at least in a similar manner?

Thanks and I really appreciated using this site back when it was working,


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The NGEmu you remember from that time was Bobbi's (he's the founder) site. The site was sold from Bobbi to spdude (Bobbi stuck around), who then sold it to a group known as Crowdgather (many core members have left since then). They like to make the main page for all of the sites they acquire a same generic portal (check all of their forums via the link at the bottom of this one), so the wonderful site of is dead in place for that useless portal.

In the mean time, some of the forums staff and a some members have worked to make this possible (it's basically an add-on modification to the vBulletin forums for downloads, so the downloads are now within the forums themselves, rather than the site).
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